Can you paint uPVC?

Yes! You can paint uPVC (also known as PVC). When done correctly, it will make your windows and doors look brand new!

Having your uPVC spray painted by professionals will ensure an even coat across the material with a flawless factory finish.

Can spraying windows and doors add value to my property?

Absolutely, yes! Updating and modernising your house in the right ways will add value. Making your house more inviting to potential buyers always helps with a sale. Furthermore, updating your residential or commercial establishment gives your property a slick look, which will allow any customers or guests to feel at ease.

How long will uPVC paint last?

By following our aftercare cleaning process our paints will last for our 10 year guarantee.

What kind of paint do you use?

uPVC has a non-porous finish, which means you need to use paint that will stick to the surface rather than get absorbed by it as wood does. uPVC paints are usually quite thick, and in most cases, good quality paint will need thinning out to go through a spray gun to be applied. Solvent-based paints are popular paints as the solvents evaporate in the air, and the paints harden onto the uPVC as a solid rather than covering it over as a layer.

We use a ‘2 pack paint’, which means that you add the hardener to activate the paint, ensuring firm adherence.

What colour should I choose?

You can choose from a selection of colours From the Ral range or even create your bespoke colour with the help of our colour-matching service.

View the colour page for any questions you may have related to RAL or Farrow & Ball colour swatches.

Is it cheaper to spray rather than replace my windows and doors?

When replacing your windows, yes. Due to supply and demand, window fitting companies will charge you a small premium for coloured uPVC windows such as Grey, Black or Anthracite.

However, when spray painting, the price will not be affected by your colour choice, and in fact, we help you create a colour scheme to match your property at no extra charge.

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