Crow Wood Spa

Commercial Paint Sprayers Burnley

Crow Wood Spa - Burnley

Time Frame: 3 Days

Completed in: 3 Days

Our client’s beautiful spa had aluminium silver frames, they wanted a classy and more sophisticated look to the spa, so they opted for Traffic black 9017. Our client did not want to disturb any of their clients throughout the day, so we accommodated by carrying out the commercial spray works during the evenings.

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Our Process

  • Rub down all areas
  • Degreased
  • Primer was applied
  • Prepared & sprayed to a perfect finish

Work Carried Out: We prepped the areas to be sprayed, used bagging and tape to ensure no overspray to other areas, and we then rubbed down existing paint. Once this was done, we degreased, primed, and sprayed in traffic black; we used the same method for the interior and exterior of the spa and its surroundings.

Equipment Used: 20 litres of paint, bagging, yellow tape

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