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Here at Framesprayuk we take pride in our work ethics and the products we use.

Here we explain the proceedure on how the work is done to achieve a factory like finish.

Stage 1

The frames are cleaned thoroughly to remove any ,oils, residues ,sealants or any  other type of contaminant.

IMG 1481

 Stage 2

All areas are masked / taped off to stop any unwanted paint getting  onto the windows glass and surrounding brick work.

IMG 1482

 Stage 3

A mist coat is applied first, then two final coats.

IMG 1483

 Stage 4

All the masking tape and coverings are removed. All around the frames are then resealed using a matching silicone.

IMG 1484

The end results are stuning and transform your property without having to pay for expensive replacements. Your windows and doors now have a new lease of life and great protection against the weather.

Why not get a quote now and see how we can help you transform your house with a profesional factory like finish.